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Official papers - Feodaryship of Warwickshire


Attested copy of an inquisition held at Kenelworthe on 10 April, 20 Elizabeth, in the presence of Humphrey Ferrers, esq., Edward Holte, esq., Clement Fyssher, esq., and Arthur Gregory, esq., feodary of the county of Warwick, together with a copy of letters patent, dated 6 February, 20 Elizabeth, ordering the inquisition to be held, on the death of Thomas Fyssher, esq. The jurors state that the said Thomas Fyssher died seised of the manors of Tachebrok, Ichington Episcopi, Chaddeshunt, Stivechale and Geydon, together with one hundred messuages, one hundred cottages, one hundred tofts, two water-mills, two wind-mills, eight dovecotes, one hundred gardens, one hundred orchards, four thousand acres of land, two hundred acres of meadow, three thousand acres of pasture, two hundred acres of wood, five hundred acres of heath and 20 pounds rent in Tachebrok, Ichington, Chaddeshunt, Stivechale, Geydon, Naspes, Ashorne and Wasperton; also the advowson of the churches of Tachebrok, Fenycompton and Ichington, and the site of the priory of St. Sepulchre in Warwick, with the park adjoining; also the manor of Harbbery, alias Harbery, with its lands and appurtenances in Harbbery, Marston, Harborowe, Cosford, Bilton, Grenebrughe, Knyton, Hilmoreton, Lawford Longa, Dracote, Rogeby, Welleby [Willoughby], Francton, Thulerston, Bynley, Bretford, Dunchurche, Borton, Burbery [Birdingbury], Warrwik, Hawford [Halford], Etington, Avendercet, Whitnashe, Lodbrok, Wormeleghton, Knightcote, Chesterton, Ashorne, Ichington Longa, Ichington Fyssher, Cobington, Harbery, Haseley, Claverdon, Moreton Daubeney, Weston iuxta Wetheley, Hodnell, Berkeswell, Alspade, Bicknell, Collshill, Wishawe, Erdington, Hurley, Coston [?Copston], Lyndon, Sheldon, Harbbery and Shulton.