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Fletchampstead in Stoneleigh deeds and papers


Feoffment from Elias Fybchestur, clerk, rector of the parish church of Bathington', and Thomas Serse, clerk, to William Forster, chaplain, Robert Topclyff', John Wyllynhall', gents., John Locok, Thomas Chapelyn', John Thornale, Roger Hixson', John Shippeston' and Henry Hixon', of one croft of land called le Kyngeswode within the lordship of Stonley lying between land of Laurence Walgrave and land late William Halley and formerly of William Attewell'; which croft was formerly conveyed to the grantors, together with William Hudson', late of Coventr', notary, by Robert Forest and Margery his wife and William Atterton', son and heir of the said Margery; to hold the same of the chief lord of the fee. Appointment of Thomas Assheby of Stychall' as attorney to deliver seisin. Witnesses: William Rowley, Mayor of Coventr', William Furth' and Thomas Padlond, Bailiffs of the same, John Smyth', William Raves of Canley, gent., Richard Nores of Coventr', cardmaker, Richard Passand alias Clerk, of the same, baker, John Clerk of the same, hosier, John Hobley of Stonley, Henry Hall' of Allesley, John Thornale, senior, of Stychall and others. Dated at Kingeswode, 9 September, 8 Henry VII. Two red seals on tags; broken. Endorsed: i) Carta diversorum feoffatorum facta novis feoffatis. 8 H.7 [AG] ii) Margeria soror Johannis Brown tenens pro vita renupsit Robertum Forest iii) xviii January 1648. Memorandum that the day and yeare above written this deed was produced to Segrave Gregory, gent., at the tyme of his examinacion before us, Daniell Jackson, Martin Holbeche, John Lax, Thomas Rose iv) Kingeswood [LG]