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Stivichall deeds and papers


Gift with warranty from Henry Sterre of Tottesbur' and Rose his wife to Joylinus son of Ranulph de Stivechale of a piece of land in the vill of Stivechale with a messuage called le Overhallestude and half of a garden lying next to the garden of the said Joylinus, being the land which Matilda mother of Margery de Nerbon' once held in dower; namely, half of a croft extending from the highway towards the park of Covintr', half of a croft extending from the highway towards Allesleyeweye, half of a croft extending from Allesleyeweye as far as the road leading towards the house of John de Canneleya and half a croft lying outside the said garden and a certain croft which the said Margery de Nerbon' gave as a charity to the anchorite of Stivechale during the term of her life, and the toft and croft which Matilda Moubray formerly held for the term of her life; to hold of the said Henry freely and quietly with common of pasture for his oxen in the enclosures and in all other places where the cattle of the said Henry are pastured, with all other liberties, rights of common, and easements pertaining to the said messuage and lands both within and without the vill of Stivechale, rendering annually one rose in lieu of all secular services and suits of court. Witnesses: Alexander de Batheginton', Oliver Dauboney, Adam de Wyteleg' called (dicto) de Querc', Hugh de Stivechale, Adam Mile of Wyteleg' and others. Dated: Saturday before the feast of All Saints, 17 Edward I Seals: i) Tag only ii) on tag; oval, white. An 8-rayed star. Legend: S' ROS[?E FILIE] MARG---- Endorsed: i) Warr' Stivechall' [14th century] ii) Segrave et Gregory [AG] iii) le overhalstude perquisitum per Thomam Gregory de heredibus Johannis Clerk cum gardino et chrofto; resydium preter crofto nunc collegii xpi perquisitum per Arth. Gregory de domino Berkeley [AG]