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Preston, Rutland deeds and papers


Defeasance between Thomas de Beauchamp', earl of Warrewyk' and lord of Gower, and Sir Baldwin de Frevill', defining conditions on which a bond of statute merchant in 1000 pounds from the said Baldwin to the said Earl, due next Easter, would be rendered void; that the said Baldwin should make an estate to the said Earl of the manors of Preston' and Uppyngham, co. Rutland (and also enfeoff him and Sir Nicholas Lyllyng' in other manors and lands to the value of 40 pounds per annum on the understanding that they would re-enfeoff him of the same within six weeks) on the condition that if the Earl and his heirs were impleaded of the manors of Preston' and Uppyngham by the said Baldwin and his heirs and lost them or any part of them, then it would be lawful for the Earl and Sir Nicholas to re-enter and possess the other manors for ever; that Sir Thomas de Stafford or Sir Nicholas de Stafford should take into possession the manors of Whittechyrche, Ashshestede [Ashtead], Wellesburne, Gunethorpp [Gunthorpe] and Loudeham [Lowdham] in cos. Warwick, Surrey and Nottinghamshire, whereupon the said Sir Baldwin and Thomas Boteler of Sudele should sue out a writ of formdon in the descender and recover these manors in tail, which the said Earl would confirm in respect of the last four by deed, reserving the reversion of the same and the services due to him and his ancestors, and in respect of the fifth, i.e. Whittechyrche if it pleased the lord and his council; that the said Sir Baldwin and Thomas should secure the reversion of Beudesert, which Sir William de Beauchamppe, brother of the said earl holds for life, on the same conditions. Dated at Coventre, 12 January, 7 Richard II Seal on tag: circular, red; large fragment only. A fess between six crosses crosslet Endorsed: Defezance de statut recognize a Coventry q' lye le mannors de Stivechale, Pynley et Wyken [AG]

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