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Meriden (Alspath) deeds and papers


A late 15th century copy of the following:

i) Gift from Matilda, late wife of Richard de Kynton', widow, to Richard son of Reginald le Archer of Alispath, for homage and service, of 3 roods of land which the said Richard held of Richard her husband, rendering annually 3 pence (2 terms);
with the further gift of half a virgate of land in Allispath which the said Richard held of Richard her husband;
to hold the same of the said Matilda for ever, rendering for the half virgate to the house of Holy Trinity, Teslifford, 4 shillings (4 terms) for all except foreign service.
Warranty clause excludes monks and Jews. For this the said Richard gives half a mark.
Witnesses: William son of Richard, Walter son of Walter, Richard de Bordeston', Richard Falke, William de Kynwaldeshey, Hugh le Neucoten', William Godyng, Gilbert clerk of Allispath and others [late Henry III].

ii) Gift with warranty from Gerard de Allispath' to Peter Jurdan' of Allispath', for homage and service, of a croft which Hugh de Pykeford held of the said Gerard in Allispath' `et iacet propinquior mous lont' in length, and in breadth between the land of William son of Walter and the land of John Claybrok:
to hold of the said Gerard for ever rendering annually 10 pence (4 terms) for all service save foreign service;
and for this the said Peter gives 30 shillings.
Witnesses: William son of Walter de Allispath', Nicholas Goding of the same, Peter Falke, Adam Wit, Richard de Monte and others. [late Henry III].

iii) Gift with warranty from William son of Richard de Allispathe to Margery daughter of Ricard son of Jordan, for homage and service and for 7s. 6d., of certain land in the wood of Allespathe;
namely all the land lying between Fildenestr' and Fastoluesike in length between the highway, etc; to hold of the said William for ever rendering annually 8 pence (4 terms).
Witnesses: Walter son of William and others. [late Henry III].

iv) no. DR10/541; abbreviated

v) Gift from William Waldeve of Allispath to William son of Richard Lord' of Allispath' of a certain piece of land in Allispath', for homage and service;
namely, the croft which lies between the land which William Lord' held as far as the land etc.;
to hold of the said William for ever, rendering annually 6 pence at the four usual terms in Allispath'.
Witnesses: Gerard de Allispath' and others. [late Henry III].

Arthur Gregory has headed the document: `Allespath chief rentes and knightes service' and has entered in the left margin the sums due from each of the engrossed deeds, totalling 2s. 4d. and 4 shillings.

Note at foot: Tempore H vii, Comes Derby de Segrave purchas Allispath et Segrave de Phillip Kington. xix E secundi, duo officia post mortem Segrave. xxxiij H. Tercii, finis inter Dominum Walterum Langley dominum de Styvechal de servicio militari Matilde Kington [AG].