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Old Stratford, Shottery, Welcombe, Wilmcote, etc.


Lease from James West of London, clothworker, to William Martin of Evesham, co. Worcs., hosier, of a messuage late in the tenure of William Attwood, deceased, a mill-house, two water corn-mills and a pulling-mill called Stratford Mills, closes, etc. called the Farm grounds, the Hammes, the Fence and Buckleys close, a cottage called Paine's tenement, a little piece of ground between the Farm grounds and the Avon, and the profits of boats, barges, etc. passing the weir near the Broad Meadow, all within the parish of Old Stratford, formerly demised for three lives by Francis [Smith], Lord Carington, and William Stamper to the same William Martin and by him conveyed to James West; together with a messuage called Bushells etc. in North Littleton, co. Worcs., and a barn, toft, farm, etc. in Ullenhall in the parish of Wotton Wawens, late in the tenure of Valentine Bentford and Humphrey Osbaston. To hold the whole for seven years at a yearly rent of £150. Witnesses: Robert West, Aholiab West, Samuel Salway.