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Meriden (Alspath) deeds and papers


Gift from John Shirwode of Alspath', esq., Kinsman and heir of Gerard de Alspath', knight (viz. son of William Shirwode, son of Hugh Shirwode and Alice Gilmyn' his wife, daughter and heiress of William Gilmyn', son of Gerard de Alspath') To Thomas Shirwode, esq., his son and heir, and Margaret his wife (late wife of William Bettley the younger, late of Coventre, esq.) of his chief messuage newly built with all other messuages and lands pertaining to the same in Alspath', alias Muryden', standing next the church and his by hereditary right or purchase, reserving to himself the land in Alspath known as Underhill, late in the possession of Nicholas Cokkys and which he had purchased, also the four selions in the field south of the church and the two selions called le Quarelles lying next the King's highway, likewise once in the possession of Nicholas Cokkys; to hold the said messuage with its appurtenances of the chief lord of the fee. If the said Thomas and Margaret should die without heirs then the said messuage and its appurtenances shall pass to Christopher Shirwode (the grantor's son) and Joan his wife, daughter of the said Margaret, and one of the daughters and heirs of William Bettley; and should they have no heirs, then to Isabel, daughter of the said John Shirwode; and should she have no heirs, then to Robert Corbet, son and heir of Robert Corbet, esq., and Leticia, late his wife and daughter of the said John. The said Thomas and Margaret are to pay annually to the said John £3. 6s. 8d. for the remainder of his life. Witnesses: Thomas Stanley, Esq., Robert Brynkenhull', John Boteler the younger, William Pykerell', Thomas Kyng, John Draper, John Heyward, Richard Swan', Richard Madyowe and many others. Dated at Alspath', 13 September 21 Edward IV. Seal on tag; red. A crab. Endorsed: i) Sherwoode gifte of intaile to his son ii) Alespath [LG]