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Lease from John Southwell to John Goodyer of the water mill of Bathekyngton


Lease from Master John Southwell, dean of the church of the Blessed Mary of Warrewic', and the chapter of the same to John Goodyer of Bathekyngton, miller, of the watermill called le Overcornemylle of Bathekyngton and the fishery `en le dam' of the mill reaching in length from Burdenbrugge to Stonebrugge with all the appurtenances as were held once by John Boleyn late farmer of the said mill; with the further lease of the meadow called le Parkmedew and the pasture within the aforesaid park; to hold of the said dean and chapter from the feast of St Michael next ensuing for a term of 13 years paying annually 113s. 4d. (4 terms), that is, 100 shillings for the mill and fishery for the meadow 10 shillings, and for the pasture 3s. 4d.; and the said John will acquit the said dean and chapter against the church of Bathekyngton' and the king for all the said farm, and he further agrees to maintain the mill at his own expense; and he has found sureties that he will keep the conditions of the lease, namely Thomas Goodyer of Princethorp', husbandman, John Assheby of Bathekyngton', miller, Richard Rytheway of the same, husbandman, and Thomas Lye of the same, husbandman, who are bound in the sum of forty pounds by a writing obligatory bearing even date with this indenture. Dated in the chapter house of the said church, on the feast of St Kenelmus, 10 Edward IV. Tag, seal lost. Endorsed: i) molendinum granat' de Bathekyngton'. Expir' ii) Bagington' mylne nexte Stivechale. [AG]

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    [17/07/1470], feast of St Kenelmus 10 Edward IV

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