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Stivichall deeds and papers


Lease from Lady Anne Barkeley of Caloughdon', widow, mother of Henry now Lord Barkeley, Moubray, Seygrave and Bruse, to Nicholas Harte, yeoman, servant to Sir Edward Saunders, knight, and Lord Chief Justice of England, at whose mediation the lease was made, for 20 shillings, of a messuage with barn, yard, garden, three orchards, two small crofts and two ponds, and one quarterne each of arable and meadow lands in the common fields of Stychall, late in the tenure of John Barroo of Stychall, who forfeited his holding for damaging the mansion house `by necglygence of fyer' and cutting down trees contrary to the custom of the manor; to hold the same for 21 years, rendering annually 10 shillings and suit of court at the manor of Caloughdon twice a year, and the said Nicholas agrees to build a new bay onto that part of the mansion house left standing within two years. Preamble states that the said Lady Anne Barkeley is seised of the Manor of Caloughdon' with lands in Caloughdon', Wykyn', Folsehyll, Stoke and Stychall for her life as part of her jointure. Dated: 23 November, 1 Elizabeth. Signed by mark. Tag with fragment of red seal. Endorsed: i) note that Stichall was never parcell of Caludon. Hit is not conteyned in the deides of the purches of Caludon as apperyth also in Stephan Segraves regester hit is not. Nor in the regester maid at Bretby by John Lord Segrave bothe in parchement, but hit is in the red regester with claspes maid of latter tyme and wrytten all in paper, and was purchased of Joylynus of Stichale and Willelmus his sonne about the nynth yeire of Edward the second, and hit paid iiii sups; chieff and was held by knight servyce of Mr. Gregory when he purchased hit [AG] ii) this leasse can not be coppy hold for in Edward the thirdes dayes this was lett by indenture also [AG] iii) x sups;. rent, ii supd; comen fyne [AG] iv) Thre orchardes wasted by Edward Fynes [AG] v) Ann Barkelyes lees of landes in Longdon to Nickoles Harte. Caledowne [LG]

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Originally filed with nos. DR10/720, DR10/730, DR10/748, DR10/795-7, DR10/1516.