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Caludon in Wyken deeds and papers


Sixteenth century copy of an indenture of fine made at Warwick in five weeks of Holy Trinity, 46 Henry III between Walter de Laungeleye and Alice his wife, plaintiffs, and Nicholas de Segrave, deforciant, of the common of pasture, which the plaintiffs demanded in the lands of the deforciant in Caludone. The plaintiffs quit claim from themselves and the heirs of Alice all such right and also in the deforciant's park there as enclosed by hedges and ditches, and in three holdings of the deforciant sometime belonging to Ranulf de Stiveschall which belonged to the manor of Caludone; and for this the said Nicholas quitclaims to the plaintiffs and heirs of Alice all right to common of pasture in their part of La Wyke as enclosed, etc. and grants them the right to enclose certain furlongs of theirs in La Wyke, namely Hallefurlang and Morecroft, and to take profit thereof at their pleasure, saving to the deforciant common of pasture there for all beasts after harvesting in the said holdings and throughout the year in every third fallow year, with free access for driving their cattle by means of two hedges which the plaintiffs shall maintain at their cost at the entrance to the said holdings, namely one hedge on the south side and another on the west side. Endorsed: Ranulphus filius Roberti Mareschalli alienavit terras in Calendon Nicholao de Segrave et per istum finem Walterus de Langeley remisit communiam in parco de Calendon [AG] Trinity Term 1262

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