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Knight of Barrells


Assignment from Joseph Brettell of Ashted in Aston near Birmingham gent. and George Bragg of Handsworth co. Staffs. gent. at the request of Elizabeth Truman of New Town Row, Birmingham widow, sole executrix of the will of Mary Ann Truman late of the same decd., and with the assent of John Tarlton sen. of Ullenhall farmer, to Hannah Ingram of Lapworth spinster, in consideration of £1,198 paid by Hannah Ingram to Elizabeth Truman and £102 to John Tarlton, making £1,300 in all, of a mortgage made on 26 February 1818 by John Tarlton to Hopkins Horsley gent. and assigned by indentures of 2-3 October 1823 to the said Joseph Brettell and George Bragg as trustees of Mary Ann Truman since deceased, of a barn with cowshed and buildings and 4 closes called Rudhalls Great close, Rudhalls Little meadow, Rudhalls Great meadow and Sparrows close in Ullenhall, formerly in the occupation of Samuel Claridge and since of William Rudhall alias Redell, then of John Tarlton the elder and John Tarlton his son, which 4 closes were formerly three and known as New leasow, Waltons close and Spurriers croft, also Rudhalls coppice, Rudhalls Little meadow, Horse close, Chapel meadow, Landers meadow, Little Landers close and Great Landers close, all formerly in the occupation of John Tipping and then of John Tarlton and John Tarlton his son, all which closes were bought by John Tarlton of Robert Harvey Mallory esq., and assignment of the residue of a term of 1000 years in the same from Thomas Lane Parker of Birmingham gent. (to whom it was assigned in 1823 by Benjamin Gibbs gent.) to Thomas Wowen Jones of Henley-in-Arden surgeon in trust for the said Hannah Ingram. Signed and sealed by the assignors. Seals applied on green silk. Witnesses: Edward Henry Collis, clerk to Mr. Wills attorney, Birmingham; Willm. Lowe, clerk to T.L. Parker attorney, Birmingham; J.H. Whitaker, Edwd. Lawrence Gibbs, clerks to Mr. W.W. Lea solr. Henley-in-Arden. Endorsed with memoranda of receipt of consideration money, same three last-mentioned witnesses. Endorsed: See Indres to the uses of the Will of the Earl Catherlough decd., 5 6 August 1836. [Purchase No. 27]