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Lease from William de Braundon' to Thomas Eyres of land in Bathekyngton'


Lease with warranty from William de Braundon' of Kynggeshull' to Thomas Eyres of Bathekyngton' of a plot of meadow and wood called le Louitt in Bathekyngton', lying between the land once held by Ralph de Warrewyk and the stream called Sowe, and reaching from the king's way leading to the bridge there to the said water; to hold of the said William for life paying annually four shillings and six pence (4 terms). Witnesses: Henry atte Heth', Geoffrey Haukyns, John Haukyns, and others. Dated at Bathekyngton', fifth day of December, 24 Edward III. Tag, seal lost. Endorsed: i) feodum prioris de Kenilworth [AG] ii) Bakynton' [AG]