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Quitclaim from Henry Reynold to Nicholas Roundull of land in Allesley


Quitclaim from Henry Reynold son and heir of John Reynold late of Allesley, husbandman, to Nicholas Rondull' of Coventr', chandler, of his right in a croft of land in Allesley, lying in width between the land once held by William Kersley and the land late belonging to John Reynold, and formerly to Roger Cooks, and in length reaching from the land of Ralph Sponer called le Moseleymore to the lane called le Longelane. Witnesses: Richard Wode, mayor of Coventr', Guy Whiston' and John Gryme, sheriffs of the same town, John Auncell' of Allesley, yeoman, Thomas Gilbert of Coventr', barker, John Bilston' of the same, barber, Thomas Warner of the same, chandler, and others. Dated at Allesley, 4 January, 33 Henry VI. Tag, seal lost. Endorsed: i) Relaxacio Henrici Reynold ii) Allesley [AG]