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Stoneleigh, Fletchampstead


Copy of Letters Patent of Henry III, confirming to God, the Blessed Mary, and the Brethren of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem in England, all their liberties. T. R(obert Kilwardby) archbishop of Canterbury, R(ichard) earl of Cornwall, Richard de Clare earl of Hereford, John de Maunsell provost of Beverley, Master William de Kilkenny archdeacon of Coventry, Ralph son of Nicholas Bertram de Oriell John de Grey, John de Lexinton, Robert Walraund, William Gernoun, and others. Dated at the Manor of Winton, 20 June 37 Henry III (1253) and an Inspex- Inspeximus of a charter of Henry II, granting the right to hold their lands and priviledges harmlessly and peaceably, and of another of Richard I witnessed by John king of Castile, S(tephen Langton) archbishop of Canterbury, W(illiam de Sanctae Mariae) bishop of London, W(illiam)bishop of Winchester, Edmund earl of Canbridge, Richard earl of Arundel, Albred de Veer teasurer, Hugh de Segrave senescall. John de Fordham keeper of the privy seal, Dated at Westminster, 10 April 4 Richard II (1381)