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Stoneleigh, Westwood


Inspeximus of a grant by the Abbot and convent of Stonle, to the Master and brethren of the Knights of the Temple in England, with the assent of Fr: James de Molay' then master, of measured by the perch of 24 feet, lying in the waste of Westwode, to augment the manor of the Master and brethren in Fletch ampstede, saving the right of way for the monks and their tenants with their men and flocks along the ways from Bereswelle to Coventre being 20 feet wide, from Hotebroke to Coventre (16 feet in width), from Berkeswelle to Stonle, of the same width, for which they give 100 marks sterling.T. Sir Gilbert de Kirkebye, Dom: Simon de Cadyntone rector of Berkeswelle, Oliver de Aubeneye, Alexander de Crulefelde, Roger de la More, Thomas Boydun, Roger Baldewyn and others. Seal circular, green. An Agnus Dei. Dated at Dynnesle in our chapterhouse, Wednesday next St Barabas 22 Edward I (16 June 1294)