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Kingshill in Stoneleigh deeds and papers


Bond from Edmund Gregory of Myle End in the parish of Stebenheath, co. Middx., gent., to Jane Gregory of Styvechale, widow, and John Gregory of Styvechale, gent., in 500 pounds. Whereas the said Edmund has a lease from the said Jane and John of the hamlet of Kingeshule and other lands in the parish of Stoneley, for a term of 21 years, whereupon the rent of 20 pounds, after the first three years, is reserved, the said Edmund now binds himself to pay such increase of rent over and above the reserved rent, or money for a fine, as shall be fixed by two arbitrators, one chosen by the said Jane and John, and one by the said Edmund. Dated: 27 January 1608 Signed: Edm. Gregory Witnesses: Thomas Sanderson, Thomas Roche, Jo. Hope, servant of Hu. Lee, scr Seal on tongue: circular, red; armorial. Tie lost. Note on bottom right: This bond was shewed to Isabell Taylor the nynth day of Aprill 1640 att the tyme of her examinacion before us; (signed) Tho. Holbeche, James Prescott, Edm. Palmer.