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Confirmation from Nigel de Molbraio to the Church of St Mary of Cumba of the gift in frankalmoign of his father


Confirmation in Frankalmoign with warranty from Nigel de Molbraio to God and St. Mary and the Monks of Cumba of the gift of a wood which his father Roger de Molbraio gave to the said monks of Cumba as witnessed by his charter, the boundaries being from Waleweia to the road which comes from Brinchelawa to Brandon and from the boundaries of Brandon as far as the Assart which the men of Brinchelawe hold and from the angle of their assart through Morweia as far as the aforesaid road which leads to Brandon; and it is further witnessed that the said monks of their charity have given to the said Nigel twelve marks of silver and have released to him three marks and 9 shillings of debt which for credit and as security was owing to that house. Witnesses: Baldewin Prior of Kerkebi, Robert de Molbraio, Roger de Arden', Roger de Sancto Martino, Robert de Castellione, Ralph de Bisegge, John the Chaplain (of the grantor), Robert Chaplain of Brnkelaue, Alard de Wid'broc, Hugh de Lutherwrd' Roger his son, Ralph de Turstenestun', William son of Durand and Adam and Roger his brothers. Cord, seal missing. Endorsed: Confirmacio Nigelli de Molbrai [contemp]