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Hunt family, solicitors of Stratford-upon-Avon


Draft release by Thomas Sheldon, Burmington, miller, surviving trustee of the will of Jonathan Izod, Stratford-upon-Avon, plumber and glazier, to Jonathan Sheldon, Burmington, miller and James George, S/A, grocer, of 4 messuages in Church Street now converted into 8, but formerly 1, late in occupations of William Baxter, --- Smith, John West, widow Taylor, William Allen, William Trimnell, John Moins, Thomas Eales, now of William Prinser, John Wright, John Smith and others, with garden ground belonging, in occupation Thomas Kemp, lying between the Almshouses and the Chapel orchard on the north, a house of the Corporation, formerly in tenure John Baxter on the south, Church Street on the west and Mr. Mason's cherry orchard on the east. [nos.17-18]. Recitals (1) 7 Feb 1815 Will of Jonathan Izod, S/A, plumber and glazier, leaving real estates to Thomas Sheldon, Burmington, miller and Thomas Sheldon, S/A, grocer, since deceased, in trust for benefit of wife Sarah for life and then to great-nephew Jonathan Sheldon, son of Thomas and Mary of Burmington, at age 21. (2) 10 Aug 1817 Death of Jonathan Izod. (3) Mar Oct 1828 Deaths of Sarah Izod and Thomas Sheldon of Stratford-upon-Avon.