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Manor of Little Kington, Combrook and Brookhampton. Private or special court baron of Bentley Gordon gent. Lord of the manor held before Thomas Greenway gent. steward. Copy of court roll recording the surrender on February 9th. 1773 by Jarvis Harris and Mary his wife of a messuage and 4 1/2 yardlands in Combrook formerly Elizabeth Wigson, which she (the last named) had surrendered to the then ladies of the manor on 25 May 1744, and admittance of Robert Harley of LincolnsInn co. Middx. esq. and Henry Strachey of St. Georges, Hanover Square, same co. esq. to the same by their attorney Robert Green of Compton Verney gent., whose letter of attorney dated 22 February 1773 was signed and sealed by Robert Harley in the presence of Robert Martin and Richard Sockeld Worster, and by Henry Strachey in the presence of Forth Winter and Charles Forth Winter. Examined and signed by Tho. Greenway steward.