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Long Stanton, Cambridgeshire


Lease from Sir Fowlke Grevyle of Beauchamps-courte co. Warwick kt. to Robert Fromont of Longstaunton co. Cambs. hasbandman for divers considerations (unspecified) of lands, arable leys and roods of meadow in Longestaunton and Michaellstaunton then in his tenure, for 21 years at a yearly rent of £4, payable as in DR98/1793, with similar conditions as in DR98/1794, including the condition that property should not be assigned to Henry Holforde esq. without written permission. Dated 30 September 38 Elizabeth. Signed: [Fowlke Gre]vyle. Seal and tag gone. Witnesses: Will'm Carew, John Norton. Slight defects in the skin due to staining. Endorsed c. 1615: To be renewed (Elsewhere) rent of 9.0.0 The concurant yeere of the Kinge (In another hand) Robt. Fromonts lease. Expired.