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Knight of Barrells


Copy letter from the Inland Revenue Office, Somerset House, to Bircham Co. about estates of the late Robert earl of Catherlough in Lincolnshire, no trace of which could then be found. Bircham Co. had referred to a report that these had been sold by Robert Knight, the life tenant, under the powers of the land tax Acts and the produce applied in redeeming land tax on other part of the estates. The Inland Revenue Office replied that all deeds of conveyance of estates in England sold for the redemption of land tax (where consideration exceeded £200) were required to be enrolled or registered within 6 months, and that on examination being made, no conveyance of estates in Lincolnshire by Robert Knight were found to have been registered in the books of that office. It was also the case that estates sold for the purpose mentioned were required by law to be conveyed free of land tax, and the contracts for redemption of land tax would therefore have been recorded in that office, but on search being made, the only contract which could be traced for redemption of land tax in Lincolnshire by Robert Knight was for the trifling sum of 10s. 3d. in Grimsby. Signed: E. Russell, deputy registrar.