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Release: Clopton and Ingon


Release dated 28 May 10 Elizabeth [1568], by William Bott of Coventrie, gent., to William Clopton of Clopton, esq., of all his claims, under grant from the latter and one William Porter, to the manors of Clopton and Ingon alias Ington, with their appurtenances in Clopton, Ingon, Byshops Hampton [Hampton Lucy], Shotterey, Olde Stratford and Welcombe, excepting his title to the Frame close and Walnottre Hylle Close in Ingon under a lease, dated 1 September 5 Elizabeth [1563] to himself and Ralph Bott his son for the life of the survivor; with covenants that he and Elizabeth his wife will make assurance by fine or otherwise, except as against one William Underhill, assignee of an unexpired lease from William Clopton to William Bott. Witnesses: Edward Busshell, William Barnards, William Parker and Edmund Litlehare.