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Knight of Barrells


Attested copy deed poll of special apportionment of John Bullar of 11 Kings Bench Walk, Temple, London esq. and William Frederick Beadon of 9 Stratford Place, Oxford Street, co. Middx. esq. reciting that the tithes of the parish of Wootton Wawen alias Waves Wootton had been commuted by agreement dated 27 July 1840, and that the apportionment of rentcharges in lieu of tithes had been confirmed on 29 March 1843, that the said John Bullar and W.F. Beadon were lawfully seized of the rentcharge of £383.2s.Od. agreed to be payable to Robert Knight and charged on certain lands in Wootton Wawen, and that the said rentcharge was charged with payment of an annual sum of £9.5s.4d. to the vicar of Wootton Wawen and of £6 to the minister of Bearley, which stipends they were desirous of apportioning. It was then witnessed that, in accordance with the Tithe Act of 2 3 Victoria (1839) and with the consent of the Tithe Commissioners and of Henry Pepys D.D., lord bishop of Worcester, the said John Bullar and W.F. Beadon specially apportioned the said annual stipends on rentcharges as set out in a schedule attached. Schedule of 104 apportionments detailing: (1) number in tithe apportionment for Wootton Wawen; (2) name and description of lands and premises; (3) quantities in statute measure; (4) amount of rentcharge apportioned. Signed and sealed by John Bullar and W.F. Beadon, and by Henry (Pepys bishop of) Worcester. Witnesses: L. Pemberton Rowley, solr., Birmingham, and S. Dunning, secretary to his lordship. Endorsed with confirmation by the Tithe Commissioners, 11 June 1857. Certified by the Tithe Commissioners to be a true copy, with their official seal, 16 June 1857. The Barrels estate was offered for sale by auction by Norton, Hoggart and Trist in 1856 in 16? lots. Lots 1-5, 7, 9, 10 and 12 were sold to various purchasers. Lots 6, 8, 11, and 13-16 were bought in for the Rev. H.C. Knight. Barrels park and mansion (lot 1) with adjoining land (lot 7) was purchased by Mr. William Newton of Whateley Hall, Castle Bromwich.