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Articles of Agreement to Convey: Shottery


Articles of Agreement between John Bury senior, of Shottery, tanner, Mary, his wife and John Bury junior, his son and heir, of the first part, Martha Collins of Stratford-upon-Avon, spinster, of the second part, and Thomas Peart of Milcott, gent. and Joseph Woolmer of Stratford, gent. of the third part, whereby in consideration of a marriage between John Bury, junior and Martha Collins and £300 her marriage portion, John Bury senior, and John Bury junior, covenant to convey to Thomas Peart and Joseph Woolmer a messuage, close, etc. in Shottery in the occupation of John Bury senior, in trust to the use of John Bury junior, for life and at his death to the use of Martha Collins for life, with remainder to the heirs of their bodies and in default to his right heirs; with covenant also that £200 of the £300 marriage portion shall remain with the said trustees for four years, the interest to be paid to John Bury junior, and that he shall then add £100 to the same, the whole to be invested in land for settlement as above. Witnesses: Richard Gibbs, Thomas Woolmer, John Walker, Nathaniel Mason and John Woolmer.