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Articles whereby the Mayor etc. of Stratford upon Avon covenant in return for £100 paid by Sara, wife of Joseph Woolmer of Stratford, gent., to pay £5 yearly to the Rev. Walwyn Meese, M.A., vicar of Stratford, and Richard Newcomb and Robert Mills, churchwardens of the same, and their successors the vicar and churchwardens for the time being, for the education of six poor boys and six poor girls to be called `Mrs. Woolmer's Charity Children', the nomination of such children to be in the hands of the said Joseph and Sara Woolmer for their lives, and after in the hands of such members of the family of Woolmer as shall be householders in Stratford, and in default of such in the hands of the Mayor, vicar and churchwardens for the time being. Signed, with seal. Witnesses: Thomas Woolmer, deputy steward of the Court of Record, William Pemberton, Christopher Smith. With receipt for £100, signed by Philip Hatton, mayor, and receipts by Joseph Woolmer of interest to 21 December 1740, in 1741 from --- Tissell, chamberlain, and in 1742 from William Miles, chamberlain.