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Lease: Old Stratford (Bridgetown) and Clifford Chambers


Lease from Abel Makepeace of Bridgetown in Old Stratford, esq., to Richard Newcomb of Stratford-upon-Avon, carrier, of five closes, together with about 50 acres in Bridgetown or Righen Clifford, and a close called Munks Close with meadow, etc. in Clifford Chambers, co. Glouc., for 21 years at a yearly rent of £60 (to be increased under certain conditions of tillage etc.); the term to commence at the expiration of a lease, dated 8 February 1728/9 from Martha Clopton, then of London, widow, now wife of the said Abel Makepeace, for 21 years at the same rent. Witnesses: Robert Hicks and Nathaniel Mason. See aslo ER3/93.

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