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Revocation of Trust: Little Wolford and Great Wolford


Indenture between Hastings Ingram, senior, of Little Wolford, esq., and William Randoll, late of Burmington, and now of Little Wolford, gent., whereby the said Hastings Ingram, having by covenant dated 19 October 1672, and fine in Hilary Term, 1673, conveyed to George Greenwood of Chastleton, co. Oxon., gent. (since deceased) and the said William Randoll several messuages, a water corn-mill, lands, etc. in Little and Great Wolford in trust for him, the said Hastings Ingram, for life, and at his death to hold for 99 years to raise a sum of £1600 for portions for Hastings, Edward, Mollins, William and Anthony Ingram his younger sons on their respectively attaining the age of 21 and to provide £10 a year for each in the meanwhile, now revokes the said trust (Edward Ingram being dead and the rest having attained or nearly attained the age of 21) so far as to reduce the sum to be raised from £1600 to £1000, whereof £300 is to be paid to Hastings Ingram, junior, Mollins Ingram and Anthony Ingram and £100 to William Ingram, the last-named having been bred up to a trade; with other provisos.