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Final Agreement: Claverdon, Langley and Norton Lindsey


'In eight days of the Purification of the blessed Mary': Final agreement made in Court between Thomas Blayney, gent., plaintiff and Thomas Hooper, esq., and Mary his wife, deforciants, of one messuage, one dovehouse, two barns, one garden, twenty acres of land, ten acres of meadow, ten acres of pasture with the appurtenances in Claverdon otherwise Claredon, Langley, and Norton Lindsey otherwise Linsey in the parish of Claverdon, and of the rectory of Claverdon with the appurtenances and also of all and all manner of tythes yearly arising, growing or renewing in Claverdon, Langley, Norton Lindsey and in the parish of Claverdon; whereupon a plea of covenant was summoned between them that the said Thomas Hooper and Mary have granted to the aforesaid Thomas Blayney the aforesaid tenements, rectory and tithes to hold to the said Thomas Blayney and his heirs during the lives of Benjamin Pearkes and Mary and Lucy Birlingham and the life of the longer liver of them - the said Thomas and Mary and the heirs of the said Thomas warrant to the said Thomas Blayney and his heirs the aforesaid tenements etc. and for this grant, warranty, fine and agreement the said Thomas Blayney hath given to the said Thomas and Mary Hooper £420 sterling.