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Abstract of Title: Moxhull etc.


Abstract of title of Andrew Hacket, Esq., to the Manor of Moxhull and other hereditaments in Warwickshire formerly belonging to Lisle Hacket, Esq., deceased, commencing with indentures of Lease and Release, dated 5 and 6 August 1697, between Sir Andrew Hacket of the first part, Lisle Hacket his son and heir apparent, of the second part, Sir John Bridgeman and Dorothy Bridgeman, one of his daughters, of the third part, and John Bridgeman (eldest son of Sir John), Orlando Bridgeman (youngest son of Sir John), John Whitehall and John Hacket (youngest son of Sir Andrew) of the fourth part, and ending with a codicil, dated 24 October 1727, to the will of Lisle Hacket.