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Mortgage: Honington, Talton, Alderminister, Armscote, Tredington, Newbold-on-Stour and Cookham


Indenture of Mortgage between Sir Henry John Parker of Honington, Bart. (eldest son of Hugh Parker, deceased, by Ann Smith, then Countess Clanricarde, and grandson and heir of Sir Henry Parker, deceased), Hugh Parker, Hyde Parker and John Smith Parker, all of Westminster, younger sons of Hugh Parker, deceased, by Ann his wife, of the first part, the Right Honourable Countess of Clanricarde of the second part, and Joseph Hunt of Shipston-on-Stour of the third part, whereby the persons of the first part, for confirming the jointure given by ER3/1993 to the said Countess, covenanted and agreed with the said Countess to levy a fine to Joseph Hunt of certain lands in Honington, Talton, Alderminster, Armscott, Tredington, Newbold, Knights Ellington in the parish of Cookham, co. Berks., to enure to the use of Sir Henry John Parker and his heirs and assigns for ever. Witnesses: Thomas Warde and William Battie

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