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Abstract of Title: Hilton (Huntingdonshire) and Elsworth (Cambridgeshire)


Abstract of title to estates at Hilton (Huntingdonshire) and Elsworth (Cambridgeshire), commencing with an indenture, dated 23 January 1729, between Anne Cotton of Conington, co. Camb., widow, and others and Sir John Hynd Cotton of Madingley, Bart., and ending with an indenture, dated 15 July 1816, between Hale Wortham and Mary his wife and others and the Reverend Alexander Cotton of Girton, co. Camb., clerk. Enclosed: Abstract of title to the same estates, commencing with an indenture, dated 8 September 1784, between Sir Thomas Hatton of Longstanton, Bart., and others, and William Atkinson of the parish of St. Andrew, Holborn, gent., and ending with a schedule of the property in 1840.

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  • Date

    23 Jan 1729-15 Jul 1816

  • Extent

    22 folios; 48 folios

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