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Mortgage: Great Alne


Mortgage (by lease and release) between Court Dewes of Mappleborough Green in Studley, esq., (son and heir and also executor of Court Dewes late of the same place, esq., deceased), Thomas Allen of Spernal, clerk (nephew and heir and devisee of Thomas Allen late of Spernal, clerk, deceased) and Robert Hunt of Feckenham, co. Worcs., gent., (surviving executor of the will of Thomas Allen, deceased) of the first part, Elizabeth Woods of Great Alne, spinster, of the second part, Edward Maudick of Great Alne, yeoman (son and heir of John Maudick late of the same place, yeoman, deceased, who was son and heir of John Maudick late of the same place, yeoman, deceased, by Anne his wife, daughter of William Greenhill late of Great Alne, yeoman, deceased) and Isabell his wife, of the third part and Thomas Clarson of Alcester, dyer, of the fourth part, whereby Court Dewes, Thomas Allen and Robert Hunt, at the direction of Edward Maudick and for £150 to Elizabeth Woods paid by Thomas Clarson(in satisfaction of her share of £300 charged upon the premises thereafter mentioned by the settlement on the marriage of the said Isabell, wife of Edward Maudick and mother of the said Elizabeth Woods) and also in consideration that Thomas Clarson had surrendered an indenture of mortgage, dated 27 April 1723, of part of the premises thereinafter mentioned whereby there was due from Edward Maudick to Thomas Clarson £451, and also in consideration of a further sum of £119 paid by Thomas Clarson to Edward Maudick making in all £570, to the intent that the whole of the premises thereinafter mentioned might be security for the sums of £150 and £570, granted to Thomas Clarson the premises described in no. 2641, subject to a proviso for redemption; and it was further witnessed that Court Dewes, Thomas Allen and Robert Hunt, at the request of Edward Maudick, assigned to Thomas Clarson several terms of years in a close or backside containing one acre, a cottage and orchard in the tenure of Robert Staples, and then called the backside of Williamses Close; also a meadow containing half an acre, also a cottage and orchard called Mansills Close, then in the occupation of Edward Philips; also two closes containing six acres then in one piece called Mears furrows or Sandfield Closes, also a close called Mears Furrows Close containing four acres, subject to a proviso for redemption; with Covenant by Edward Maudick and Isabell his wife to levy a fine and suffer a recovery upon the premises to enure to the use of Thomas Clarson and his heirs until payment of the said sums and thereafter to the use of Edward Maudick and his heirs for ever. Witnesses: Daniel Mason, John Quinton, Bartlett Mason, John Court, William Dewes, Elizabeth Halford and William Whissell.

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    9 Oct 1728- 10 Oct 1728

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