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Feoffment: Stratford-upon-Avon, Clopton and Hampton Lucy


Feoffment dated 3 May 1643, by William Shawe of Stratford-upon-Avon, gent., to John Bonner of Alderminster, yeoman, and Robert Stanley of the same, yeoman, of two messuages, etc. in the tenure of John Spires and John Gridwell respectively in Stratford, in `the Chappell Lane' in trust to the use of Anne, daughter of him, the said William Shawe, and wife of Thomas Bonner, son of the said John Bonner, for her life, with remainder to her heirs in tail, and in default to such of her sisters as shall survive her; but, in the event of Julie Shawe her brother dying without issue (when the lands called 'Rye crofte' and 'Frame close' in Clopton and Hampton would descend to her under the will of Julie Shawe, late of Stratford, deceased) to the use of the said Anne only till the death of the said Julie her brother and then to such uses as he, William Shawe, should direct, and in default to such other his daughters as should then survive. Witnesses: Joseph Beddome senior, William Higgins, Thomas George and Richard Mullinex. With note of seisin, 11 May 1643, witnessed by the same and by John Goodrych, Hugh Taylor and John Spiers.