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Draft Supplementary Abstract of Title: Nuthurst [where?]


Draft supplementary abstract of title (1862) of John William Rowlands and John Baldwin to premises called Nuthurst, commencing with a grant, dated 19 June 1854, between John Rowlands of London, esq., and Edward Lawrence Gibbs of Henley-in-Arden, gent., of the first part, John William Rowlands of Merioneth, gent., of the second part, and John Baldwin of Luddington, gent., of the third part, and ending with a settlement, dated 29 December 1855, between Mary Hale of Lapworth, widow, of the first part, Elizabeth Ingram Hale of the same, spinster, of the second part, William Dugard, the younger, of Birmingham of the third part and William Baldwin of Weston-upon-Avon, esq., and Edward Phillips of Coventry, of the fourth part. Requisitions on title enclosed.