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Lease by John Browne, of Stratford upon Avon, gent., to John Ingram, of the same, farrier, of a messuage in `Bridge Streete' now in the holding of the said John Browne, and late purchased by him from William Bowker, gent., lying between a tenement late in the tenure of Richard Byfield and now of William Gregorie on the east, and a tenement late in the tenure of Marjorie Hudson, widow, on the west, and extending from the street on the south to the highway called `Gilpittes' on the north, to hold the same for 2000 years at a yearly rent of 1d; together with a second messuage in the same street, between the messuage leased as above and a tenement now also in the occupation of the said John Browne and late in the tenure of Anthony Nash (and demised in 1602 for 1001 years by Sir Edward Grevill, knt., Peter Grevill, esq., and Peter Russell, gent., to Nicholas Lane, late of Stratford) to hold the same for 980 years at a yearly rent of 1d; the said lease being made in order to secure John Ingram from liabilities on account of a forfeited bond from the parties jointly with one Edward Stanley, to William Parsons of Stratford, gent., in £40 for the payment of £20, the proper debt of John Browne. Dated 23 January 10 James I. Witnesses: Thomas Crewe, Houmfree Wheller, Michael Olney, William Tetherton, Robert Ingrame. Endorsed with notes that the deed was shown to M. Olney and R. Ingram, 3 October 1621 `at the tyme of their examynacion before us John Moore, Thomas Creswell and on 11 June 1622, before Henry Walker and Thomas Creswell