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Indenture whereby Francis Eedes, of Warwick, gent., and William Shawe of Warwick, sadler, and Hanna, his wife (in consideration of £100 paid by Daniel Tracy, of Wapping, mariner, and Margaret his wife, and of £120 marriage portion of the said Hanna, and in performance of articles of 6 November 1675 between the said William Shawe and Thomas Hicks senior, of Warwick), Crescent Warner of Beerely, and Mary his wife, and Hugh Hyman, of Barkswell, yeoman, and Frances, his wife (in consideration of £45 paid by Robert Michell, of Wellesbourne, butcher) covenant to levy a fine to the said Daniel Tracy and Margaret his wife, Francis Warner of Wasperton, gent., and the said Robert Michell of: (1) three messuages in Henly Street, in the several tenures of Clement George, Richard Wharam, and John Ludditt; (2) four closes of pasture in Clopton in Stratford in the tenure of John Meades and Richard Harris; (3) the third part of a messuage called Great Coningsebyes and of a meadow adjoining called Great Meadow, six closes called `Greate Leasowe, Pease Feild, Wormeslade, Twoe Long Coningsbyes and Puckeles' and four parcels of arable land in the common fields of Ullenhall, all in Ullenhall al. Oldnell, in the parish of Wootton Wawen in the tenure of Richard Russell; and (4) a tenement, etc. lately inhabited by George Blum, in Sherley Street, Solihull, lying between lands of John Dophin and John Hunt; such fine to be as regards (1) and (2) to the use of the said Daniel Tracy and Margaret his wife, for 500 years and upon the sooner determination to the use of the said William Shawe for life and on his death (1) to his right heirs and (2) to Hanna, his wife, for life with remainder to their issue and in default to his right heirs, as regards (3) to the use of the said Crescent Warner, his heirs and assigns, and as regards (4) to the use of the said Robert Michell his heirs and assigns. Signed by Hugh Hyman and Frances Hyman, with one seal. Witnesses John Hawe, Susanna Radford, Thomas Kempe.