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Stoneleigh Milborne Farm


Pardon for Alienation, granted to Alice widow of Sir Thomas Leigh kt, 7 -8 Sept. 15 Elizabeth, enrolled in Chancery, between Alice of the one part. and Thomas Cony esquire, Edward Baber serjeant at law, and George Bond citizen and haberdasher of the other part.conveying to them Milborne Graunge and its members, Brode and Longe closes, Harpers field, Milborne meadow, the fields called Cockshot, Forwood, and Grimeswoode, Pellesley waste, Gregepoole and Wellshmans wastes, Hanginge Hough, a water mill, ---- called Wood mille, and common for 60 sheep. Westminster, 8 Feb.20 Elizabeth (1577-78) Great Seal.