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Stoneleigh Fletchampstead


Grant by Thomas (de Pype) abbot of Stoneleye to William Hally of Canleye, of a messuage and six (?) of land of Flicchampstede, lying between land of William and that of Henry Rachel; viz 2 elions upon le Westefelde, between lands of Nicholas Campion and William Rudde; two upon le Muchefelde, between land of Henry and that of the heirs of Henry Zonge; and two upon Le Littelfelde, with a waste plot called `Ruddewaste' lying in Westwode, extending from the land of Henry Alwyn to le Brodelone, and the waste called `le Longe waste' rexhing from Slobetlone to Rudwaste. T. Richard de la Cloude, Nicholas Campion, Robert Swayne, Henry Rachel, Henry Reue, and others. Dated from the Abbey, 20 Feb: 37 Edward III (1362-3) Seal an Agnus Dei.