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Award by Sir Foulke Grevill, knt., and Raffe Sheldon, Thomas Morgan, and Edward Holte, esqs., arbitrators between the bailiff and burgesses of Stratford upon Avon and John Edgeock and Richard Clarke, executors, of the will of Sir John Hubaud, knt., Lady Abigale Digbie, sister of Sir Arthur Heveningham and widow of Sir George Digby, Raffe Hubaud, esq., and Anthony Nashe, gent., to the effect that. i) the Bailiff and Burgesses shall release to J. Edgeock and R. Clarke an indenture dated 4 February 17 Elizabeth [1575] whereby Sir J. Hubaud covenanted with the said Bailiff, etc. to make void a lease from Anthony Barker, warden of the dissolved College of Stratford upon Avon and Gyles Coventrye, subwarden, and the chapter of the same, to William Barker ii) Lady Abigale Digbie, Raffe Hubaud, J. Edgeock and R. Clarke may enjoy the lands, etc. mentioned in the lease aforesaid for the term unexpired, unless forfeited or surrendered iii) J. Edgeock, R. Clarke and R. Hubaud shall pay to the said Bailiff etc. £100, viz. £40 on 1 May 1592 and £20 on 1 May in each of the three years following. iv) J. Edgeock and R. Clarke shall release all actions of covenants on a lease from the Bailiff, etc. to Sir J. Hubaud, dated 6 February 17 Elizabeth [1575]; v) R. Clarke shall not demand of the inhabitants of Stratford any tithe-herbage of the after-crop of any lands in Stratford `soe as the said inhabitantes doe eate the same with theire owne proper cattell' and, if they `assist' the after-crop he shall abide by the award of the same arbitrators vi) the Bailiff, etc. without interruption of R. Clarke or Anthony Nashe shall enjoy the church-yard of Stratford and take trees in the same for the repair of the church vii) all the said parties `shall from henceforthe be lovers and fryndes'. Dated 5 October 33 Elizabeth, with signatures of the four arbitrators, and three seals, defaced. On the back is a summary of the contents.