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Indenture whereby it is covenanted that a fine levied by Nicholas Kington of Welsborne Hastings, yeoman, and Frances, his wife, Nicholas Kington, junior, son and heir of the above-named, and Katherine, his wife, daughter of John Vennor, of Welsborne Mountford, gent., Edward Walker, of Stratford upon Avon, baker, and Mary, his wife, and John Warde, of Stratford upon Avon, blacksmith, and Anne, his wife, to the before named John Vennor, Thomas Vennor, his son, Thomas Woolmer, of Stratford upon Avon, gent., and Christopher Wareing, of the same, blacksmith, of messuages, lands, etc. (i) in Hunnington, in the tenures of Thomas Bevington and Robert Kington, Welsborne Hastings and Newbold Pacy, in the tenure of Nicholas Kington, senior, Samuel Jackson and Anne Harris (ii) in Bishopton in the parish of Old Stratford, adjoining lands of ---- Clopton, Thomas Green and William Cleeve and in the tenures of John Gibbs, Richard Maris and Edward Walker, and (iii) in Stratford upon Avon in Bridge Street, between tenements of Robert Dalloway and Foulke Sellers and in the tenure of John Warde, shall be to the use as regards those in Hunnington, etc. of John and Thomas Vennor, as regards those in Bishopton of Thomas Woolmer and as regards those in Stratford upon Avon of Christopher Wareing. Signed, with seals. Witnesses: Edward Ward, John Heritage, Ester Venor, Anne Woolmer, Joseph Bate, John Woolmer.