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Bargain and sale between Thomas Daye of Chertsey, Surrey, shoemaker and William Kitchen of the same place, glover, for £40, of a messuage or tenement with five acres of land and one little grove of half an acre lying in the parish of Egham, which Thomas Daye bought of Ellen Cutt, widow and executrix of John Cutt of Westminster, for £20. The messuage lies in Egham, bounded on the east by the parish barn and the barn of Thomas Clerke on the west. The five acres lie in 'Hythefelde' and are in the occupation of Thomas Roughe. In addition, Daye sells to Kitchen one close of land and one grove of wood called Westryde, in Egham, 1 acre in Highfield between the land of John Bonse and John Clarke; one grove of wood lying under Egham Hill, called Patchers Grove, all of which Daye had bought from Richard Daye of Staines, son and heir of Henry Daye, late of Egham, for £12-11-0.