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Grant by Ralph Saucer and Matilda his wife, of Stratford upon Avon, to Nicholas Saucer, junior, John his brother, Nicholas Wyse and John Manrenwart of a messuage in `Cornes stret' between tenements of the warden of the church of the Holy Trinity of Stratford, a burgage in `Henley Stret' between a tenement of John Tayler and the Kings highway, and half a burgage in `Cherche Stret' between tenements of John Benet and William Hatton. Witnesses: John Mahyel, chief bailiff of Stratford, Robert Pynkys, and Robert Fretter, under-bailiffs, Nicholas Saucer, William Westendon, Walter Golde, Thomas Compton, senior, and others. Dated: Stratford, Friday after Feast of St. Luke, 10 Richard II. Latin; two seals, one bearing a figure of St. Catherine, with the legend `Saunta Caterina', the other the letter `R'.