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Deed of sale by Edward Lane, of Bridgetown, in the parish of Alveston, gent., Richard Byshop, of North Mourton, co. Berks., gent., and William Walford, of Stratford upon Avon, gent., to Jane Allen of Stratford, widow, for £18 of a `newe erected howse called a fursen howse, conteyninge three bayes, be it more or less, one barne conteyninge two bayes with a cutt ende therunto adioynynge, one garden and one backside adioynynge to the said newe erected howse and barne ...... in a streete there called Henlye streete betwene the freeholde late of Richard Lane gent. decessed on the east side the freehold of Sir Edward Grevill Knight late in the tenure or occupation of Edward Bromley decessed on the west side, the land of the heires of Sir John Puckeringe Knight deceased on the north side and the severall freeholders of the said Richard Lane and Thomas Allen decessed on the south side and now in the tenure, holdinge or occupation of the said Jane Allen or of her assignes or under tenants'; with warranty against Sir Edward Grevill, of Milcote. Signed, with seals. Witnesses to livery of seisin, 25 June: William Courte, junior, J. Greene, Francis Collyns, Thomas Evett, senior, John Smith, Francis Walford, William Higins, Thomas Cannynge, labourer.