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Deed of sale by Richard Blackford, of Butlers Marston, yeoman, son and heir of Edward Blackford, late of the same, deceased, to Thomas Blackford his brother, of the same, husbandman, for £10, of a messuage in Stratford upon Avon, in `Shepestrete' in the tenure of Thomas Alea. Dated 22 January 20 Elizabeth. Signed, by a mark; with seal. Witnesses: Walter Roche, Richard Edwardes of Beerley, Francis Burnell of Stratford upon Avon. Annexed is a power of attorney to Walter Roche to give seisin, dated 26 January 20 Elizabeth, signed by a mark; with fragment of seal. Witnesses: R. Edwardes, F. Burnell, Richard Neale, William Scooler. Both documents endorsed with note of seisin, 12 February witnessed by Walter Roche, William Tyler, bailiff of Stratford, Henry Tomes, Michael Walter, Thomas Holmes, Hugh Pyggye, Henry Russell.