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Settlement by Thomas [Polton], bishop of Worcester, of disputes between Richard Praty, Professor of Scripture (`sacre pagine') Warden of the Collegiate Church of Stratford upon Avon, and the Master, chaplains, brethren and sisters of the fraternity of the Hospital of the Holy Cross at Stratford; ordering that the Fraternity should pay to the Church tithes of their gardens and other lands and all oblations whatsoever, that they should bury no dead and administer no sacraments, except bread and holy water to the sick, that at the four great feasts of the year the Master, Chaplains and the rest should appear personally in the Church at Mass and Vespers, the Chaplains officiating with the priests and Ministers of the Church, and should all make their oblations, and that, in sign of subjection, the Hospital should pay to the Church four shillings yearly; with recital of two charters of Godfrey [Giffard], Bishop of Worcester, 10 January, 12 March 1269/70, ordaining statutes for the Fraternity, appointing Robert de Stratford first Master, etc. Dated at Alvechurch.

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See Dugdale's Warwickshire, 2nd edition, 1730, ii, p. 695.