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Grant from Henry Pardu of Snytenfeld to Sir William de Lemynton, vicar of the Church of Snytenfeld, of three acres of arable land in Snytenfeld of which 1 acre lies in Roulowefeld upon ploughland called le Flore near the land of the Church of Snytenfeld and 1/2 acre lies in Horenhulfeld upon ploughland called Bynethen Hunstensmohr near land of the said church and another 1/2 acre lies in the same field upon ploughland called le Flyntes near land of John Hervy and another acre lies in le Northfeld, viz. 1/2 acre upon ploughland le Long Euermerhs near land of John le Preuere and the other half acre lies upon ploughland called le Roedes near land of John le Blount. Witnesses: John le Blount, Thomas le Smyth, Robert le Prevere, John le Smyth, John Hervy, etc. Dated: Snytenfeld, Wednesday the feast of the Translation of St. Oswald, bishop and Confessor, 22 Edward III.