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Grant from William son of Juliana de Grosewolde of Snytenfeld to Henry Clarote, of Snytenfeld and Alice, his wife, of 11 acres of arable land in the fields of Snytenfeld lying at, upon or near Grotenhull, Hamptonwey, Hopyngge, the Vlore, Depedene, Herdushull, Hongerhull, Caldewell, Longenhull, Millewey, Berienhull, Stonyhull, Groswoldewey, Helewogh, Unytenhull, Woluardyntonwey, le Reodes Herymersh and Brondhulle and adjoining lands of John Moryn, John Bryant, John de Hampstude, John le Blount, Henry Pardy, John Piers and the late Robert Canus as set forth in no. 400. Witnesses: Richard de Luncecombe, Henry de Hampstude, Geoffrey de Alkumburi, Thomas Smith (Fabro), Henry Bryant, Henry Pardy, Reginald de Hatton, etc. Dated: Snytenfeld, morrow of the translation of St. Thomas Martyr, 4 Edward III.