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Release from John Hervy of Snytterfeld and Alice, his wife, to William Elis, John Porter, chaplain, Henry Somerlone, John Douce and John Poers of Warrewyk of a messuage and a croft in Snytterfeld, with 20 acres of land and 3 rods of meadow which messuage lies between the tenement of William Heyne and a tenement late in the holding of Thomas Cockes, now in the holding of John Hille and extends from the King's highway to a brook running towards the lane called Marionslone and the croft lies between land of John Hille on both sides and extends from `my land up to the aforesaid brook' and the 20 acres of land lie in divers places of the field of Snytterfeld and the 5 rods of meadow lie together in a meadow called Bitford hyde. Dated, Snytterfeld, Feast of SS. Philip and James, 31 Henry VI.