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Old Stratford, Shottery, Welcombe, Wilmcote, etc.


Deed of sale by George Whitmore and Thomas Whitmore, of London, esquires, to George Bonner, of the Middle Temple, gent., and Thomas Combe of Stratford upon Avon, gent., for £50, of waste and common ground, `parcell of the mannor or mannors of Old Stratford, New Stretford, Wellcom and Bishopton', with trees, bushes, etc., but excepting so much ground as lies `within the compasse of seaven score yardes every way about the townes and villages of Old Stretford and New Stretford' and an acre of greensward adjoining the highway leading to Warwick with four elms thereupon, and also excepting the waste ground in the village and fields of Shottery and liberty of free-warren, hawking, etc. which premises were granted by the Crown in free-socage, 22 March 7 James I to William Whitmore of London, esq., and John Randoll of Preston Bagott, then assigned, 17 May 8 James I to the above-named George Whitmore and Thomas Whitmore. Dated 9 December 9 James I. Signed, with seals of arms. Witnesses: Anthony Bonner, William Combe, William Horne.