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Stoneleigh deeds and papers


Lease from Simon Yeate of Rabbe Crofte under Kyngeshull yeoman, to Thomas Turley of Bagynton', fuller, and Richard Lant of Rabbe Crofte under Kyngeshull', fuller, reciting nos. 1005-6, for 18 pounds, of two walk mills and the two bays of housing where the said two walk mills be situated and also one shop with a chamber over the same, parcel of the premises comprised in the lease of 29 September, 25 Elizabeth; to hold the same for the residue of the term of 21 years, rendering annually 5 pounds; and should there ever be insufficient water to serve all the mills, then one of the walk mills is to be shut down. Dated: 4 July, 29 Elizabeth. Signed by mark. Witnesses: Robert Baker, Edward Moreton, the writer of the deed. Two circular, red seals on tags: i) a fleur de lys ii) a lion passant Endorsed: A lease of a messuage in Rabcroft Meade in the parishe of Stonley, July 4 in the nine and twentyeth yearer of Queene Elizabeth.